BUUG Creates Lifetime Relationships with CLients

By: Julieta Gutang

BUUG branch has started to employ an unparalleled customer service that aims to create a lifetime relationship with clients. The staff makes it a point to share and discuss ideas on how to win their customers prior to a day’s work. This little conversation every morning has also driven the staff to excellent performance.
The result can be seen on the records. The branch’s Microfinance Unit staff garnered the A+ recognition for its efficient and effective loan portfolio management. PAR is kept to 0% or 100% collection rate implementing their not-so-secret strategy of TDK (tutok-dikit-kulit) that has been so far working well for the branch. They have also established the ‘rain or shine’ kind of service that their clients are grateful for. They have continued and enhanced their daily PAR monitoring.

Similarly, Gold Gems production has increased through intensified marketing campaigns as well as the voluntary field activities of the appraisers.

Management has recognized the efforts exerted by BUUG staff. Aside from MFU and Gold Gems, the GL has been recognized for promptness. Way to go, BUUG!