Our Services

ATM (Automated Tellering Machine) In partnership with PLDT & ENCASH SAVANT, we provide a highly secure and effective wireless automated tellering services interconnected with BANCNET, MEGALINK, and EXPRESSNET that allow ATM holders to self-manage their transactions such as withdrawal, checking of real time balances, deposit (soon), and practically all banking transactions. Our ATM services are open 24/7.

MOBILE BANKING Using the G-Cash platform, we offer the revolutionary power of mobile commerce. Users enjoy the benefits of convenience, mobility, and security that come with the platform. At present, LANECO and several merchants in our areas of operations are accepting G-Cash as bills payment. Users can also use it for two-way remittances, deposits, cash withdrawals, transfer loads, while in the comforts and security of their homes or workplace.

PHILHEALTH COLLECTIONS As collecting agency, we act as a one-stop shop for Philhealth remittances. Soon, our micro clients will also enjoy the full benefits afforded by PhilHealth.

MONEY TRANSFERS We act as accredited center for money transfers of WESTERN UNION and UNITELLER.

We Accept:

Savings Deposits
Time Deposits
Checking Accounts
Micro Deposits
Gihandom Deposits
SBR (Save, Build & Read)

We Offer:

Agricultural Loans
Commercial Loans
Salary/Bonus Loans
DBM Loans
Pension Loans
Gold & Gems Jewelry Loan
Micro Loans
- MAP (Micro Agricultural Product)
- FAME-Financial Assistance to Micro-Entrepreneurs

Other Services:

Money Transfers
- PETNET/Western Union
- Uniteller
SSS Pension Remittances
PhilHealth Remittances